Client : Sunway University College & Makeweekend
Summary : The Social Innovation Challenge is a workshop that aims to create an understanding of the challenges social organizations face when it comes to their daily work and conceptualize innovative solutions in the realm of technology
Brief : To create an infographic to summarize what the Social Innovation Challenge is all about by highlighting the best solutions that the participants have come up with as well as feedback related to the workshop. 
Client :  Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) & Makeweekend
Summary : A partnership between MaGIC and Makeweekend to engage the public in technology and social innovation by building programmes that are designed to turn challenges in to opportunities and take people beyond just ideas by guiding through building prototypes
Brief : To create an infographic to summarize each workshop that was created through the partnership and highlighting participant stats, key personnel, partners and feedback from all parties that were involved.wo
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